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Johnson 25hp, Commercial Propellers

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Commercial (13 Spline)
1978 - 1991
Spline drive rubber hub POA-RB (part # 1798101)
Solas Amita 3 - Spline Drive
Aluminum - Exclusive squeeze cast process
- Stronger blades with better performance
- See Amita 3 Video
Solas Amita 3 - Spline Drive propeller for Johnson 25 1978 - 1991
- 3 Blade Propeller
- Non Thru-Hub Exhaust
- Pressed Rubber Bushing
Diameter Pitch Rotation Part Number
9 10 R 2111-090-10S
9.25 11 R 2111-093-11S
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Solas spline drive propeller hub POA-RB

Pressed hub is factory installed on Solas propellers.

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• It is very important to refer to your engine's Owners Manual for important safety precautions when installing a propeller.

• A new propeller's hub and blades must be checked for sufficient lower unit and trim tab clearances before use.

• Make sure all propeller hardware is installed correctly.

• Engine manufacturer recommends greasing the propeller shaft every 12 months.

• Wide open throttle RPM, with boat on the water in forward gear under normal loading conditions, should fall within the range that is recommended by the engine manufacturer and not exceed the recommended maximum. This is important in determining a suitable propeller pitch. When in doubt, dealer assistance is suggested.

• Prop installation, inspection and boat operation all need to be done in a safe and responsible manner.

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Note: Right (R or CW) is the standard rotation found on most single engine boats.