Solas/Rubex Boat Propellers Reverse Lookup

Normally, when looking for a new propeller and doing a prop search, a person needs to know which props fit a particular outboard or drive unit. But a prop seller may want to know just the opposite. This is where a reverse lookup helps.

Starting in 2012, Solas and Rubex propeller blade hubs will be marked with part numbers. For prior years, the numbers are marked on the box or found with a traditional search and knowledge of the propeller style and pitch.

If you have a good Solas or Rubex propeller you want to sell, whether it be a spare for your old boat or one that seems to have collected dust in the dealer stockroom, it's now possible to find out which engines the propeller will fit. Just submit the part number in the search above to find out. It works with interchangeable hub props too. Required hub kits for interchangeable hub propellers will be shown in the results for fit on different outboards/drive units.

(For a traditional Prop Finder, see the boat propellers page to search for propellers by engine/drive unit.)