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New Rubex 3 A & B Series

New Rubex 3 A & B Series

For 6 to 35HP

Solas is pleased to introduce A and B series Rubex 3 propellers with the RBX interchangeable hub system for small outboards. The A Series (6 to 20HP, 2-1/2" gearcase) is available with a pitch range from 7 to 12 inches. The B series (9.9 to 35HP, 3" gearcase) blades are made in three different groups for a wide range of brand compatibility, with pitch ranges from 9 to 15 inches.

Understanding Boat Propeller Assemblies ⟩

On the Prop Shaft

A typical recreational boating propeller is mounted on a splined propshaft with a thrust washer, spacer, washer and nut, with some provision to keep the nut from turning loose, such as tabs on the washer or an additional cotter pin. There are exceptions, like the shear pin systems that were once[...]