Solas Pressed Rubber Hubs

For Solas and OEM Boat Propellers

These are rugged replacement hubs for both Solas and original equipment propellers, as indicated in the chart below. They are permanently installed or removed with a press which normally requires that the job be done by a prop shop or boat dealer. They are designed to insert into the propeller hub with minimal force yet still be strongly resistant to spin slippage.

Boat Propeller Size Group Assistant

Find the propeller size group by outboard motor/outdrive selection.

Engine Mfg:
Engine HP/Drive:
Engine Model/Specifics:
Engine Year:
Result: (Select from top to bottom to show result.)
Image Part
Fits OEM
Group 3 Suzuki 1704003 S2.5-RB
Group 5 Yamaha Y5-RB Prop Hub 1703001 Y5-RB
Tohatsu 1705001 T5-RB
Honda H5-RB Prop Hub 170600 H5-RB
Group 6 Mariner 6S-RB Prop Hub 6S-RB
Suzuki S6-RB Prop Hub 1704001 S6-RB
Group 8 Yamaha (splines) Y8-RB Prop Hub 170300 Y8-RB
Yamaha (pin) PY8-RB Prop Hub PY8-RB
Yamaha (pin, 8hp 76-83) PO6-RB Prop Hub PO6-RB
Mariner (pin, 8hp 76-84) PO6-RB Prop Hub PO6-RB
Tohatsu T8-RB Prop Hub 170500 T8-RB
POA Mariner/Yamaha (splines) POA-RB Propeller Hub POA-RB
Mariner/Yamaha (pin) POA-RB2 Propeller Hub POA-RB2
BRP/Johnson/Evinrude (splines) POA-RB Prop Hub POA-RB
BRP/Johnson/Evinrude (pin) POA-RB2 Prop Hub POA-RB2
A Mercury/Mariner (~95) 25mm MA-RB Prop Hub 170110 MA-RB
Yamaha/Honda YA-RB Prop Hub 170310 YA-RB
BRP/OMC/Evinrude/Johnson OA-RB Prop Hub 170210 OA-RB
Suzuki SA-RB Prop Hub 1704101 SA-RB*
Tohatsu/Nissan TA-RB Prop Hub 170510 TA-RB
* SA-RB with spacer built on it
B Mercury/Mariner MB-RB Prop Hub 170120 MB-RB
Yamaha YB-RB Prop Hub 170320 YB-RB
BRP/OMC/Evinrude/Johnson OB-RB Prop Hub 170220 OB-RB
Suzuki SB-RB Prop Hub 170420 SB-RB
Tohatsu/Nissan/Honda (S/S Prop) TB-RB-1 Prop Hub 1705201 TB-RB-1
Tohatsu/Nissan/Honda (Amita) TB-RB-2 Prop Hub 1705202 TB-RB-2
C Mercury/Mariner MC-RB Prop Hub 170130 MC-RB
Yamaha/Honda YC-RB Prop Hub 1703301 YC-RB
BRP/OMC/Evinrude/Johnson OC-RB Prop Hub 170230 OC-RB
Suzuki YC-RB Propeller Hub 1703301 YC-RB
Yamaha/Honda/Tohatsu/Nissan YC-RB Prop Hub 1703301 YC-RB
D Mercury/Mariner/Honda MD-RB Prop Hub 170140 MD-RB
Yamaha YD-RB Prop Hub 170340 YD-RB
BRP/OMC/Evinrude/Johnson OD-RB Prop Hub 170240 OD-RB
Suzuki SD-RB Prop Hub 170440 SD-RB
Tohatsu/Nissan YD-RB Propeller Hub 170340 YD-RB
Force (~94) YD-RB Prop Hub 170340 YD-RB
E Mercury/Mariner/MerCruiser (Amita) ME-RB-2 Propeller Hub 170150 ME-RB-2
Mercury/Mariner/MerCruiser (S/S) ME-RB-2 Prop Hub 170150 ME-RB-2
Yamaha (Amita) YE-RB-2 Propeller Hub 170350 YE-RB-2
Yamaha (S/S) YE-RB-2 Prop Hub 170350 YE-RB-2
BRP/OMC/Evinrude/Johnson (Amita) OE-RB-2 Prop Hub 1702502 OE-RB-2
BRP/OMC/Evinrude/Johnson (S/S) OE-RB-1 Prop Hub 1702501 OE-RB-1
Suzuki (Amita) SE-RB-2 Propeller Hub 1704502 SE-RB-2
Suzuki (S/S) SE-RB-2 Prop Hub 1704502 SE-RB-2
F Mercury Bravo Two MF-RB Prop Hub 170160 MF-RB
(Group VPE)
Aquamatic SP (Long Hub) VA-RB Prop Hub 170710 VA-RB
SX Drive (Amita) VE-RB-2 Prop Hub 1707502 VE-RB-2
SX Drive(S/S) VE-RB-1 Prop Hub 1707501 VE-RB-1
(Group VPZ)
Front Dual Prop (S/S) 1707401 VD-RB-1
Rear Dual Prop (S/S) 1707402 VD-RB-2
Front Dual Prop (Aluminum) 1707404 VD-RB-4
Rear Dual Prop (Aluminum) 1707402 VD-RB-2