About Solas

Solas, founded by Dr. Solas Y.J. Lin, is now one of the best known and trusted names in propellers for outboard/sterndrive and impellers for personal watercraft/jet boats. This success is largely due to the design excellence from team SOLAS.

Headquartered in Taichung, Taiwan, SOLAS levers world class research and development, highly skilled workers, cost-effective material sources and modern manufacturing facilities to deliver the highest quality products for our customers.

Rubex™ is manufactured by Solas.

Dr. Solas Lin


Quality assurance is the reason why SOLAS remains close to our customers. We implement a total quality control system to monitor the entire production process.

ISO 9001 Symbol of Excellence

Solas is honored to have BSI (British Standards Institution) ISO9001 certification and the products Symbol of Excellence from the Taiwan government. Total satisifaction of our customers is always our first priority.