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Find Solas and Rubex brand propellers. Search by part number or select by make & model of outboard or drive unit.

Too many propellers? Refine results by picking more options.

Propeller Part Number Search

Search by text entry of a Solas, OEM or aftermarket part number to find out more about the prop searched, nearest Solas and Rubex equivalents and alternatives to fit similar applications. Upon finding a match, all of our known product alternatives are presented. Alternatives - such as 3 or 4 blades, aluminum or stainless, pressed or modular hub.

Outboard/Drive Model Search

Step 1: Select Outboard or Drive

Pick a boat engine/drive brand and the next set of options for horsepower or drive model will automatically populate, followed by model.

Step 2: Add Optional Boat Details

Refine results by choosing a boat hull type. This will help determine the suitability of our different blade styles and options, along with general boat characteristics of given length or weight.

Step 3: Choose Propeller Options

Optionally select the propeller material, rotation or the number of blades that you want to see in the results.

As selections and options are chosen from top to bottom, the prop finder checks for available pitches of props that meet all the given criteria.

When "All Pitches" is selected, the prop finder will return results with pitch estimated if it's been provided with enough boat hull information to work with.

Step 4: Submit

Once the prop finder has enough input to determine a result, a button appears so you can initiate the search process. Review your inputs and click.