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Solas vs. Rubex Boat Props Video

Video Transcript: Hi, I'm Tom with Solas and I'd like to discuss the two options that we offer when you're looking to replace your propeller. The choices are Solas pressed-in hub or Rubex interchangeable hub propellers.

Let's talk about the advantages of both. First, both propellers have an identical blade design and both are available in similar diameter and pitch sizes.

Solas propellers are designed to replace a specific engine application. It comes with a pressed-in hub, already installed, which allows you to use the original hardware that came with your engine. Optional aftermarket hardware is available to install the propeller.

On the other hand, Rubex propellers are designed with an interchangeable rubber hub to match a wide variety of outboard and stern drive engines. Rubex propellers and hub kits are sold separately and hub kits vary, depending on engine application.

Unlike the competitors' plastic hub, a Rubex hub is made of rubber and improves shift dampening while reducing vibration. The Rubex hub will deflect ten percent in either direction and is reusable if the propeller blade is damaged or worn.

The Rubex hub is easily inserted into the back of the propeller, which allows you to change your propeller to gain maximum efficiency and power, depending on your load. The thrust washer, spacer and lock washer are included to correctly install the propeller. Always consult your local marine dealer if you have questions concerning your engine application.

So in conclusion, Solas pressed-in rubber hub propellers are easy to install and use the original hardware on your engine, whereas Rubex propeller and hub kit combinations are recommended for high performance and high horsepower engines.

Thank you.

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