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Solas Part Number System Video

Video Transcript: All Solas propellers have a nine digit part number. They're divided into three sequences.

The first sequence of numbers represents the engine manufacturer, series and gearcase size, the propeller model, whether it has 3 or 4 blades or has a right or left rotation. The first number is the engine manufacturer it was designed for. Some part numbers will cross over if they have the same gearcase and spline. The second number is the series and gearcase size. The third number is the propeller model. The fourth is the number of blades and the propeller's rotation.

The second sequence indicates the propeller's diameter. For example, if the propeller has the numbers one three zero, this indicates it has a diameter of 13 inches. If the diameter ends in a quarter inch, it'll be rounded up. For example at fourteen and one quarter inch diameter, will be one four three.

The last sequence represents the pitch. In this case, the propeller would have a nineteen inch pitch.

Rubex propellers have an interchangeable hub that allows them to be used on a variety of engines. All Rubex propellers start with the number nine and use the same numbering system as the Solas propellers.

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