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Overview of Solas Video Presentation

Rubex Stainless Propeller Rotational View

Video Transcript: Hi I'm Scott from Solas. Solas was founded in 1985 by Dr. Solas Lin. Solas is the world leader in pleasure boat and fishing boat propellers.

Solas is an engineering company. We keep a strong focus on performance and keeping quality in mind. We manufacture all of our own products. It helps us keep quality levels up and things affordable for you. Solas has the widest range of propellers of any manufacturer out there. We are in fact the world leader in pleasure boat and fishing boat propellers. Solas offers both stainless steel and aluminum propellers.

In our aluminum, we use an exclusive squeeze-casting process. We melt down our aluminum, inject it into the mould, squeeze the prop together. This allows us to rid of any imperfections or porousity in the blades. We can get a thinner, more durable blade, which would give you greater performance. The sharper knife is always going to cut better.

As for our stainless, we use a 24-10 stainless. It's 24 percent chromium and 10 percent nickel. What this means for you is better resistance to corrosion and a long lasting shine. Additionally, we added 3 percent molybdenum. We're the only manufacturers in the market who do this. It reduces brittleness and gives our propellers added longevity.

Learn more about us by checking out the rest of our videos, shop online, locate a dealer and always remember, Solas is "Where Speed Begins".

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