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Solas Lexor Video Presentation

Typical Boating Applications for this Prop Style
Outboard BoatsIO/Stern Drive Boats
Bay Boat, Offshore Single, Offshore Dual, Sport Boat Single, Sport Boat Dual, Big V6's & V8's Sport Boat Single, Sport Boat Dual, Family Cruiser, Pontoon Boat, Houseboat
Stainless Steel - 3 Blade - Traditional Pressed Rubber Hub - Right or Left Rotation

Video Transcript: This is the Solas Lexor. The Lexor is a three blade 24-10 stainless steel propeller. It was designed with the offshore big boats in mind. It's got a large blade to help you push it along with great mid-range fuel economy. This prop was designed specifically to maximize the performance of a V6 or a V8 outboard.

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