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Rubex RBX Hub System Video Presentation

Video Transcript: This is our patented RBX hub system. The RBX hub was designed and perfected by Dr. Solas Lin and his team of engineers. The RBX hub is different than other hubs; it's made of rubber, not of hard plastic. This is critical. It's going to reduce chatter and vibration. It's not going to slip inside the propeller. The rubber also allows for 10 degrees of deflection. This is very important, it's going to allow for smooth shifting and also protect against submerged objects under the water. This is not only going to help you get home safe--it's going to save you big bucks on having that motor fixed.

It's easy to install. All necessary hardware is included. Put the thrust washer on, put the hub inside the propeller, slide the propeller and hub on the motor, add your spacer and your nut and torque it down. And you only need to torque this one down once. Hard plastic needs to be re-torqued, not rubber.

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