Aug 272010
Propeller Rotation

Why is it that time and again, center console boats aside, boat makers place the driver’s seat on the starboard side? They are by no means obligated to do so. But if they didn’t, they would run into two standards in the recreational boating industry that wouldn’t work well with their boat: right-hand engine control […]

Aug 042010
Aluminum Propeller Manufacturing at Solas

To achieve a high strength, thinner and more efficient aluminum propeller, Solas uses a squeeze casting process to manufacture both Solas and Rubex propellers. Props made with this superior method are almost non-porous and have a finer grain size than traditional porous die cast propellers. This difference in metal texture and quality is obvious to […]

Jul 202010
Understanding Boat Propeller Assemblies (Part 2)

« Part 1 Spacer Like the thrust washer, the spacer assists alignment of the prop to the shaft when the inner hub is unable to hold its shape, only this time at the aft end of the prop. The spacer bears reverse thrust loads and prevents the inner hub from moving aft, with its large […]

Jul 202010
Understanding Boat Propeller Assemblies (Part 1)

On the Propshaft A typical recreational boating propeller is mounted on a splined propshaft with a thrust washer, spacer, washer and nut, with some provision to keep the nut from turning loose, such as tabs on the washer or an additional cotter pin. There are exceptions, like the shear pin systems that were once widespread, […]

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