Aug 042010

Squeeze Casting at Solas

Squeeze casting at Solas

To achieve a high strength, thinner and more efficient aluminum propeller, Solas uses a squeeze casting process to manufacture both Solas and Rubex propellers. Props made with this superior method are almost non-porous and have a finer grain size than traditional porous die cast propellers. This difference in metal texture and quality is obvious to observers of cutaway samples. The resulting extra strength allows the blades to be made thinner and that makes the propeller slice through the water more efficiently. This quietly benefits the boat owner for hour after hour of boating.
Casting Comparison
Coating ComparisonOnce the casting process is finished, Solas aluminum propellers are coated with three layers of paint. The final two layers are both tough baked finishes. The aggregate coating makes for excellent corrosion resistance that is good enough to withstand over 500 hours of testing in a salt water spray tank (simulating more than six months of normal salt water usage).
Prop Salt Spray Testing
Solas and Rubex aluminum propellers provide boaters with great performance and a durable finish.

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