Solas Boat Propellers (Link)



Rubex & Solas Boat Props Video Library

Rubex the only hub and propeller system your boat will ever need.

Prop Video Selections

Play the Rubex Overview video RUBEX PROPS
A quick introduction to Rubex boat propellers. 0:36

Play the Solas Overview video SOLAS OVERVIEW
A quick look at the Solas company, propellers and their design. 1:40

Play hub kit video RUBEX HUB KITS
The superior Rubex hub system revealed. 1:12

Play Amita 4 video AMITA 3
Our standard 3 blade outboard propeller. 0:29

Play Amita 3 Plus video AMITA 3 PLUS
Aluminum 3 blade boat propeller. 0:30

Play Amita 4 video AMITA 4
Our standard 4 blade outboard propeller. 0:37

Play Bravo 2 propeller video BRAVO 2
Our aluminum propeller for Mercruiser Bravo II outdrives. 0:28

Play high thrust prop video HIGH THRUST
See our special high thrust heavy boat propeller. 0:33

Play HR4 prop video HR 4
See this high-rake stainless steel propeller. 0:45

Play HR Titan 3 video HR TITAN 3
24/10 Stainless steel 3 blade propeller. 0:33

Play the HR Titan 4 prop video HR TITAN 4
The 4 blade version of the HR Titan propeller. 0:36

Play the L3 video L3
Stainless steel 3 blade propeller for high horsepower boats. 0:43

Play the L3 Plus video L3 PLUS
View the L3 Plus stainless steel prop. 0:46

Play the L4 video L4
Stainless steel 4 blade prop for high horsepower boats. 0:42

Play the Lexor propeller video LEXOR
See this stainless propeller, designed for V6 and V8 outboards. 0:33

Play the Saturn prop video SATURN
A fuel-efficient three blade stainless steel propeller. 0:24

Play the New Saturn video NEW SATURN
A stainless steel prop for pleasure boating. 0:30

Play the NS 3 video NS3
A stainless steel interchangeable hub propeller. 0:39

Play the Rubex 3 propeller video RUBEX 3
Aluminum interchangeable rubber hub propeller. 0:41

Play the Rubex 4 video RUBEX 4
The four blade variation of the Rubex 3. 0:43

Play the Scorpion boat prop video SCORPION
Our cupped stainless bass and bay boat propeller. 0:38

Play the Titan propeller video TITAN
A great choice for pontoon boats or heavy hulls. 0:26

Play the Rubex Intro video RUBEX INTRO
An explanation of the Rubex hub system. Watch a Rubex prop installation. 2:32

Play the prop technology video PROP TECHNOLOGY
Technical features of our props are highlighted in this video. 2:41

Play the Dr Solas Lin video interview DR LIN INTERVIEW
Rick Norgart & Dr Solas explain the advantages of their props to Capt. Rob of 7:50