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Propellers for Yamaha 8hp, 8 HP (Pin Drive)

Manufacturer HP Model Year Range Solas Dealer Locator
Yamaha 8 8 HP (Pin Drive) 1976 - 1983
Prop hubs for this motor are single (not crisscross) slotted for the drive pin.
solas Amita 3 Amita 3 - Large Area Pin Drive
- Exclusive squeeze cast process
- Stronger blades with better performance
3 Blade Propeller - Non Thru-Hub Exhaust - Pin Drive Hub - See Amita 3 Video
Diameter Pitch Rotation Mfg Part Number
8.25 8 R 2011-083-08P
Pin drive propeller hub single slotted

Pressed hub is factory installed on Solas propellers.

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• A new propeller's hub and blades must be checked for sufficient lower unit and trim tab clearances before use.

• Maximum RPM should fall within the range that is recommended by the engine manufacturer and not exceed the recommended maximum. This is important in determining a suitable propeller pitch. When in doubt, dealer assistance is suggested.

• Prop installation, inspection and boat operation need to be done in a safe and responsible manner.

• It is very important to refer to your engine's Owners Manual for important safety precautions when installing a propeller.

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Note: Right (R or CW) is the standard rotation found on most single engine boats.